Welcome to the Superstatic Dipole Ribbon Loudspeakers!



The worlds best loudspeakers for buck? Probably, if you combine the price of 2800 Euro/pair and superb performance!

Why does a box loudspeaker sound the way it does?



Ordinary, mainstream loudspeakers often have two drivers covering the critical 400-10000 Hz frequencies.


A complicated crossover with coils, resistors and capacitors distributes the electrical signal to the two drivers, adding phase anomalies and distortion to the already flawed paper and plastic coned drivers. As You can understand, it's impossible to make a good sounding speaker with this kind of hardware.


The bass from a boxed speaker, compared to an open dipole, is not very pleasant to listen to. The reason is that sound emitting from the back of the bass membrane bounces around inside the box and comes out again through the membrane in distorted form.


Enter the remedy for bad sound, the Direct Drive Dipole Neodymium Ribbon!



The dipole ribbon in this speaker covers a frequency range from 400 to 40000 Hz, with a superb frequency and phase linearity due to its very light 0,7 gram membrane and box free configuration.


No crossover or transformer is used for the ribbon, just a super quality capacitor and resistor in series with the membrane for making life easier for the amplifier.


The latest hype in Hifi speakers, DSP, or digital sound processing for crossover and correction, is a totally waste of money and resources if used on this speaker. It simply do not need any correction, because of its natural linear behavior!


No, just hook these speakers up to Your favorite tube or solid state amplifier and angels will come visit You.






The membranes are easily changed in a few seconds, You don't even have to shut down the amplifier.


As a customer, You can contact us for free membranes for a unlimited time period.


The speaker weigh in at 44 Kg each and the height is 1800 mm.

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